• Lata Madhu

New year, new you!

We are now in #2020 ! November, December and #January are probably the best months of the year in #Chennai for the most of us. We get to experience the best of weather. #Christmas and #NewYear add to the flavour and the air definitely has a lovely ring to it.

Most of us are hopefully winding up our calendar, finishing the essential #party rounds and meeting friends and family. However the extra lucky ones are making interesting #travel plans to #escape from it all.

I especially love the last few months, it's not just about the great #weather. Food tastes better, the options to binge are numerous and one also gets to pick and wear the best of clothes. Last but not the least, it is officially #jacket wearing season. Dressing up in December- January needless to say is extra special. For me, jacket airing and wearing season has begun! I do admit that I possess a major weakness for well made jackets. Each #season I religiously add to my pile, quite ignoring an important fact that Chennai, my city is unfortunately not adhered to a frequent wear of this garment . Many of my favourite brands offer #beautiful, #handcrafted and most of all one-of-a-kind jackets all through the year. A well cut jacket in my opinion is like a good pair of #jeans. The 'fit' is everything. #Brands like #péro, #Eka, #RawMango and #payalkhandwala make jacket wearing an experience. The scintillating colours and #fabric options come with a high unparalleled #stylequotient .

Moving forward, with #warmer months approaching, at Collage we are trying to keep the buzz quotient on. Our classic brands will fill their racks with cooler summer #tones. We will effortlessly move from warm #silks and #brocades to easier #linens and #cottons. #Floral #prints will dominate, #pink in almost every shade will appear. Going by  repeated requests, we will display, #style and offer a range of #uberstylish #bottoms to team with a line of equally zingy tops.

We aim to make summer dressing #effortless and #chic!

In the coming months many of us in the city will soon groan and complain about the heat, moaning about our gorgeous Chennai weather is a ritual we practice meticulously every year. When the temperature dips to 40 degrees, reach out to your #handwoven #garments, they have been found to be far more #comfortable and endearing on the body. Savour your many #pastels, hold on to the #stark - beautiful #whites, the lived-in look is by far what works best!


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