Wearable Art

15 years ago, Collage started with a simple idea - to curate luxury brands in a tastefully created space with minimalist ambience. Today, not only do we house an eclectic variety of designers, we are proud to be advocating sustainable fashion too.

Collage started with Sabyasachi, Kotwara, Raghavendra Rathore and are now known for signature brands like Raw Mango, eka, pero, Payalkhandwala etc. Brands that bring timeless authenticity to the clothing they make & a certain level of class that is required for us to justify racking a designer.


The journey today has changed with sustainability playing a key factor. In a constantly changing city like Chennai, traditional outlooks have changed which applies to clothing too and having recently onboarded Raw Mango with a specially designed space; we have tried to retain the cultural aspect of luxury retail.


Where everything is Instagrammed, Collage strives to retain the quietness & unique story of its brands.

Lata Madhu


153, Greams Road,

Chennai, 600006

Tel: +91 44 2829 1443

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